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Become the regeneration standard for soil everywhere – from farms to golf courses, from greenhouses to parks, and from gardens to prairies.


  • Provide abundant, healthy, affordable food
  • Increase availability of plentiful, clean water
  • Maximize well-being


  • Replenish fresh water supplies
  • Restore depleted soils
  • Replace agri-chemicals with natural inputs


  • Regenerate strong farm income

  • Create prosperous communities

  • Support a sustainable level of global growth

RainMaker Master Dealer

On December 22, 2023, Soilcare.Earth Corp became a Master Dealer of the Rainmaker AOP technology, serving the global agricultural, sports turf, horticultural and other major sectors.


Leadership Team

Soilcare.Earth’s executive leadership team has a extensive experience in all of the disciplines required to execute on its exciting business plan, and bring urgently needed, sustainable water and soil solutions to the world.

Tony Humble

Chairman & CEO

Tony is a seasoned banking and finance professional with 25 years of experience in three major Canadian banks. He co-founded Northwood Mortgage, one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage brokers and a mortgage technology company that went public in 1999. Tony has also been active in biotech, renewable energy, and cleantech investments as an angel investor and executive. He was instrumental in the successful industrial commercialization of the Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer.

In early 2022, Tony brought together the Rainmaker founder group to launch Rainmaker.Earth Corp., and in 2023 oversaw the first full-year, multi-crop, controlled trials of the Rainmaker AOP technology in North America. These trials in the Guanajuato Region of Mexico demonstrated an annual return on investment in excess of 500%.

Tony’s extensive business acumen and broad experience in leading the Soilcare.Earth team, where he is committed to driving the global success of the Rainmaker ground-breaking technology, and augmenting it with powerful and effective soil amendments. Tony is deeply involved in launching Soilcare.Earth as CEO, with its initial focus in Canadian agriculture, East of the Prairies; the global golf industry; and in Mexico, Latin America and Europe in the agricultural and sports turf sectors.

In addition to pursuing his passion for regenerative agriculture, Tony remains Chairman of a Michigan-based biotech company, Teloregen Inc., which promises to bring profound positive change to the treatment of genetic diseases. Teloregen was founded in 2015.


Tim Turczyn


Tim was the Operating Partner and COO for the business “PODS” (Michigan Portable Storage, LLC a franchise of PODS) where he managed all activities related to the business, including: operations, business planning, strategy and organization, marketing, sales, advertising, and hiring for Michigan Portable Storage, LLC, D/B/A PODS. Tim has built a successful business career over the last 25 years within industry. Prior to his experience with PODS, Tim was the Global Director of Business Development for Covance, Inc. (CVD) where he managed sales and marketing activities for one of seven global business units which had total annual sales of $972 million (2003). While at Covance his business unit realized growth of over 150% year over year.

Born and raised in metropolitan Detroit, Tim attended and graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Biomedical Science and Chemistry. After college he secured a position as a Research Associate with Dr. Robert N. Frank at the prestigious Kresge Eye Institute where he co-authored two peer-reviewed articles. Soon thereafter he accepted a position with Roche Pharmaceuticals and transitioned a career in medicine to focus on business.

Tim moved to the metropolitan NYC area in 1992 and lived there until returning home to Michigan in 2004 to launch PODS. In addition to his focus on professional success, Tim started his philanthropic ways as a young man and continues contributing time to Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House-Detroit, God’s Love Foundation and other organizations where volunteerism was greatly appreciated. In his spare time Tim enjoys spending time with his family and friends. And avid golfer with other activities like boating, and entertaining remain some of his favorite activities to do with those close to him.

Management Team

The Soilcare core management team is focused on maximizing sales, driving continuous process improvement, and leveraging data-driven insights to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Christian Humble

Chief Information Officer

Christian is a certified cybersecurity expert, CISSP holder, and lifelong technologist. He has an Honours Degree in Business and IT, alongside advanced qualifications in the IT space, including web development, networking and systems administration, and information security.

Previously an IT security consultant, Christian worked with diverse management clientele and their development teams, reviewing existing operations and advising on new technologies and their implementation. Christian has successfully completed over 100 consulting projects with several major Canadian financial institutions and telecom providers, reducing risk and improving operational efficiency.

As the previous CIO of Rainmaker.Earth, Christian planned, designed and implemented the Rainmaker design request workflows that allowed the company to scale operations to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers.

Within the rapidly evolving technological space, Christian brings an agile and unique perspective to the Soilcare.Earth team.

Talo Tamminga

General Manager, Farming Operations

Born and raised in Holland on a dairy farm, Talo has spent his adult life in Canada, rising from a farmhand to consultancy and business leadership. Following a decade in the construction and logistics fields in the 90’s Talo returned to his agriculture roots in 1998. Since then, he has been focused and involved in, introducing new technologies to the farmer.

One of the more notable positions and achievements was starting and leading a company, introducing robotic milking technology into North America, which is now, 25 years later, a billion-dollar industry in NA.

More recently he introduced barley (grass) sprouting technology, building a 3,000 kg a day facility, as well as locating and supporting the first customer for Rainmaker in North America.

He is a firm believer on doing proper due diligence and will only introduce and sell technology after he is a 100% convinced that it has a benefit to People, Planet, Profit(s)

As a Christian, he pursues on making a positive impact in lives and agriculture.

Advisory Team

Our advisory team consists of the key Rainmaker experts, based mostly in South Africa, with 17 years direct field experience. They are available to address any and all questions from our clients and partners related to the technology – the science, the soil impact, and system design and implementation.

Riaan Kirsten

Head Advisor

For over 23 years, Riaan and his team have dedicated countless hours to developing the Agriwater units (now known as Rainmaker). Today, this world-class technology has been successfully installed in thousands of units worldwide.

As a South African-born entrepreneur with a track record of successful businesses, Riaan was the driving force behind the development and operation of Agriwater. In order to take his business to the next level, Riaan joined forces with Rainmaker’s North American team, leading to explosive growth in sales over the South African market.


Remina Pienaar

Science Advisor

Remina is a highly skilled chemical engineer with a passion for sustainable farming practices. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and a major in Biochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, she took on a consulting role with the Rainmaker team (formerly Puricare), where she conducted the majority of the scientific research on the Rainmaker’s Advanced Oxidation Process. Remina joined the Rainmaker team full-time in November 2022 and has already provided critical insights into clients’ soil biochemistry. Her technical expertise in developing sustainable and science-based crop nutrition and agricultural soil health has been invaluable to the team, and will continue to make a crucial contribution to expanding the company’s Scientific horizons. 

Barend Pienaar

Science Advisor

Barend brings his deep passion for agriculture and expertise to the Rainmaker.Earth team, providing a valuable research arm to the company. Equipped with a degree from Stellenbosch University, he began his career as a researcher, delving into major agricultural companies in South Africa.

Shifting focus to plant growth regulators and biostimulants, Barend’s role evolved, leading him to become a senior agronomist at a biostimulant company. There, he managed the R&D program, extending technical support globally. Concurrently pursuing an MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town, Barend’s research dives into the impact of abiotic stress on plant metabolomes, microbiomes and agronomic parameters.

Paul Adams

Platform Design and Implementation Advisor

With over 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry, Paul is a key member of the Rainmaker.Earth team. He spent 14 years consulting for Agriwater and played a critical role in developing Rainmaker technology to its current market-dominating position. Paul’s expertise in all types of irrigation systems and his deep understanding of farmers’ unique challenges has allowed him to adapt Rainmaker to a wide range of irrigation situations, helping farmers achieve optimal crop yields while conserving water resources. Paul brings his considerable experience and expertise to every project he undertakes, making him a valuable asset to the Rainmaker team.

Renier Meiring

Agronomy Advisor

Renier is a highly skilled agronomist with over 20 years of experience in consulting for the agriculture industry. He received his degree in Agricultural Studies from Potchefstroom Agriculture College, and has applied his expertise to hundreds of farms with challenging soil conditions, including major South African operations such as Schoeman Farms and Mahela Farming.

Renier has been a valued consultant for Agriwater for the past eight years, providing expert advice on crop nutrition and soil health. In the summer of 2022, he officially joined the Rainmaker team as its Chief Agronomist, where he brings his wealth of experience to bear in developing innovative solutions for Rainmaker’s expanding client base.


REGA (Regenerativa Agricultura) is Soilcare’s Authorized Agency in Mexico. It was founded as Eco Cultivos in 2022, when it undertook the hugely successful 12 month controlled trial at the 50 hectare El Rayo Ranch in Guanajuato Province. They have since branched out to Brazil, where garlic trials are currently underway.

Gerardo Horta


Gerardo was born in Mexico to a Brazilian father and a Mexican mother in 1981. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2005, where he obtained his bachelor in Industrial Engineering. Years later, Gerardo received a masters degree in Philosophy, in the Colegio de León. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

As an entrepreneur, Gerardo has been directly involved in the founding and operating several companies, like a club/bar in his youth, a restaurant, a craft brewery, a shoe factory, a video production company and some other minor investments.

However, most of his time has been dedicated to the box manufacturing business. Still as a student, he started working as a mechanic in his father’s business, Marvi Internacional, setting up new machinery at the customer’s sites, and providing training for future operators. A little after graduating from college, he took over the other one of his father’s companies, DCB. Distrubuidora de Cartones del Bajío (DCB) was a manufacturing company, which supplied corrugated carboard to box manufacturers. He directed DCB for 10 years, at which end he decided to buy the company from his father. After Gerardo’s management, sales increased five-fold and the company was always profitable.

Before purchasing DCB, he had also founded Eco Empaques de Cartón in 2009, where he is currently CEO and 95% owner. Eco is a box manufacturing facility. In 2018 he merged both companies and kept the name “Eco”, as is now commercially known. The facility produces more that two million boxes per month and serves companies as important as Beiersdorf, Avon, Tesla and more.

In 2022 he became aware of the Rainmaker technology and was instantly struck by its massive potential. He will use his considerable experience, knowledge and passion to build REGA, and Soilcare, into world class companies.

Dr. Roberto Maurer

Technical Director and Chief Agronomist

Dr. Roberto Maurer, PhD. was born and raised in a family of farmers. His earliest memories were at  the age of 5, when he worked alongside his father, Don Roberto, on the family ranch.

Always passionate about innovation in agriculture, Roberto earned a B.S. at ITESM campus Monterrey and later, in 1981, he obtained a PhD from the University of Nebraska, with a thesis titled “Effects of timing and amount of irrigation on yield and drought stress conditioning in corn (Zea mays L.)”, which for many years was used to schedule water use in the 5 states of the Midwest in the United States. He speaks both Spanish and English at a high technical level.

Dr. Maurer was one of the pioneers of the introduction of drip irrigation system in Mexico, and has devoted his entire adult life to agriculture. For many of those years he was involved in research, education and seeking solutions specifically for agricultural soil in Mexico. Deteriorating soil quality is one of the most critical issues for producers in Mexico today.

During the pandemic, he came across Rainmaker technology and his mind “exploded”! It was that solution he had been seeking for so many years, at least three decades leading up the Rainmaker “discovery”. He is now 100% dedicated to spreading the word about Rainmaker throughout Mexico, serving as the technical director and Chief Agronomist of REGA Soil Tech, Soilcare’s Mexican partner.

Bebo Maurer

Commercial Director

Bebo is the son of Dr. Roberto Maurer, and has dedicated his life to marketing in the  commercial sector. However, agriculture is in his blood, as he comes from several generations of farmers, and has recently ventured into the field in drip irrigation systems and agricultural consulting, in business with his father.

Roberto’s path led him through the media industry for several years, until he returned to the commercial area in 2020. He became the Commercial Director of Eco Empaques de Cartón, where once again his farming heritage led him to develop several agricultural clients for the company.

Roberto is the commercial face of the Rainmaker technology in Mexico, and he is currently focused on making large agricultural companies aware of the tremendous benefits that this technology will bring to the field. To quote Bebo: “I will lead the charge to make 100% certain that there is not a single farm in Mexico that is not familiar with Rainmaker. We are making history, and accelerating the progress of Mexican agriculture every day.”

Like all REGA Team members, Bebo speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Alberto David Buzali

VP Sales

Alberto is an accomplished sales and operations executive with more than 30 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, and is fluent in both Spanish and English.

He has worked with great success in the graphic arts industry since 1992, holding executive positions in Latin America for companies such as: RR Donnelley, Quad Graphics, Graphic Packaging, Pack Jack and ECO Empaques, serving both regional and international customers.

Alberto is a sales leader, with strong value proposition development and negotiation skills. He specializes in building  harmonious business relationships, transcending language and cultural borders. He is also an expert in solving complex operation problems, and focuses on financial objectives to deliver customer satisfaction.


Chairman & CEO

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