About Soilcare.Earth


Become the regeneration standard for soil everywhere – from farms to golf courses, from greenhouses to parks, and from gardens to prairies.


  • Provide abundant, healthy, affordable food
  • Increase availability of plentiful, clean water
  • Maximize well-being


  • Replenish fresh water supplies
  • Restore depleted soils
  • Replace agri-chemicals with natural inputs


  • Regenerate strong farm income

  • Create prosperous communities

  • Support a sustainable level of global growth

RainMaker Master Dealer

On December 22, 2023, Soilcare.Earth Corp became a Master Dealer of the Rainmaker AOP technology, serving the global agricultural, sports turf, horticultural and other major sectors.


Leadership Team

Soilcare.Earth’s executive leadership team has a extensive experience in all of the disciplines required to execute on its exciting business plan, and bring urgently needed, sustainable water and soil solutions to the world.

Tony Humble

Chairman & CEO

Tony is a seasoned banking and finance professional with 25 years of experience in three major Canadian banks. He co-founded Northwood Mortgage, one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage brokers and a mortgage technology company that went public in 1999. Tony has also been active in biotech, renewable energy, and cleantech investments as an angel investor and executive. He was instrumental in the successful industrial commercialization of the Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer.

In early 2022, Tony brought together the Rainmaker founder group to launch Rainmaker.Earth Corp., and in 2023 oversaw the first full-year, multi-crop, controlled trials of the Rainmaker AOP technology in North America. These trials in the Guanajuato Region of Mexico demonstrated an annual return on investment in excess of 500%.

Tony’s extensive business acumen and broad experience in leading the Soilcare.Earth team, where he is committed to driving the global success of the Rainmaker ground-breaking technology, and augmenting it with powerful and effective soil amendments. Tony is deeply involved in launching Soilcare.Earth as CEO, with its initial focus in Canadian agriculture, East of the Prairies; the global golf industry; and in Mexico, Latin America and Europe in the agricultural and sports turf sectors.

In addition to pursuing his passion for regenerative agriculture, Tony remains Chairman of a Michigan-based biotech company, Teloregen Inc., which promises to bring profound positive change to the treatment of genetic diseases. Teloregen was founded in 2015.


Stephen Braybrook

VP, Business Development

Stephen’s 40 years of sales and leadership experience along with his entrepreneurial spirit and inter-personal skills qualifies him to play an important role as the Vice President of Business Development within the organization. This executive level position will benefit from his strategic guidance in formulating the company’s direction.

Based on his past years in leadership training and experience, Stephen brings insight into various business matters, including market trends, competitive landscape, growth opportunities and risk management.

He has proven in the past to successfully and efficiently evaluate potential acquisitions, partnerships and other strategic initiatives and used his expertise to support the decision-making process within various companies.

His tenure as a corporate sales training executive for a major world-wide automotive group provided him with the skills to analyze existing policies, identify areas for improvement and propose changes to enhance organizational effectiveness, compliance, or sustainability.

Stephen has applied his skills in relationship and stakeholder engagement providing valuable advice to senior management.

Stephen will use his industry knowledge providing the chairman with up-to-date information and analysis of relevant market conditions, competitor activities, and potential opportunities or challenges that may impact the company.


Chairman & CEO


VP, Business Development

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