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The RainMaker water treatment system has been researched and proven where it matters most: on commercial irrigation systems. RainMaker has consistently achieved the same results – satisfied clients with cleaner and efficient irrigation systems and better water, making every drop of available water count!

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Cleaner Irrigation Systems

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Over 3,000 installations globally

How the Rainmaker Works

Please watch this 2-1/2 minute video to understand how the Rainmaker works its magic on your irrigation water.


Bill Tamminga

Tamminga Farms, Southern Alberta, Canada  

The first Canadian farm to utilize the Rainmaker system in 2022.

“We installed the system in the last days of July on one of our potato circles and started harvesting 6 weeks later. We left 25% untreated as control area to observe the difference on that same ¼ section of land (160 acres). The impact was well beyond our expectations in several areas: Soil condition: It was more porous. Consequently, the potatoes came out cleaner. Water retention: This drone shot shows the control area on the left and the treated on the right, with the same amount of irrigation. Yield: We witnessed a significant increase in yield. Consequently, we are committed to install a Rainmaker system on most of our pivots for 2023 season.”

Gert van Rensburg

Graceland Hydroponics, Brits

“What remains very remarkable is the improvement in growth. The plants grow faster and more vigorously than previously due to improved root systems. In addition, not nearly as many plants perished as in the past…”

Dave Gerber

SRCC, Addo 

“My irrigation systems are much cleaner since the Rainmaker installation. I also noticed a more uniform flowering period and the trees are looking healthy.”

Renier Smit

SRCC Development Trust, Kirkwood

“An average of 8 – 10 workers were needed to inspect our dripper lines for blockages. After the Rainmaker installation we needed only four labourers. This after 12 weeks. The trees also yield more uniform flowers and fruit.”

Koos Burger

Kolet Boerdery, Kakamas  

“The grape vine-growers cannot believe that 40 to 80 tons are harvested from one hectare of two and a half-year-old grapevines. At harvest time I had to purchase an extra 1,000 raison-nets for drying the grapes! My flood-irrigated vineyard which I wished to dig out as it was planted in 1956 and no longer produced, recovered remarkably within two years.”

Henk van Zyl


In 2009 he heard about Rainmaker for the first time listening to a presentation by Riaan Kirsten. He however remained sceptical about Rainmaker’s claims. Later in the year he visited Namibia and during the visit he again heard about Rainmaker’s results obtained by a farmer in the Tsumeb district. To satisfy his curiosity he went to have a look himself.

Werner du Plessis

Goosen Boerdery & Denou Farming, Ceres  

“The installation of 3 Rainmaker Units contributed to an increased percentage of our butternut export. The butternuts were more uniform and the plants recovered significantly faster after very high temperatures… I am pleased to share my success with your organization!”

Attie Scholtz

Vaallus, Douglas   

Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year 2013

“For me it is important to always look for new technologies that can sustainably increase my profitability in the long term. The Rainmaker Unit is successful in achieving this…”

Errol Hewson

Penhill Farms, Addo  

“It took 6 – 8 hours to increase the subsoil of my orchards under drippers to field capacity. The filter had to be cleaned once a week and the drippers twice a month due to blockages. After five months of Rainmaker treatment, it took only four hours to water the subsoil (350 mm). The filter and drippers are now only inspected every two months!”

Marius Ferreira

Nulandis, Kirkwood  

“We usually found at least 16 blocked micros on an irrigation block – now only two or three. The inspections of the blocks are a lot quicker and need less labour. Our lemons are looking fantastic.”

Sean O'Connor

Bloemendaal Kwekery Floral Farm, Ballito  

“We installed a Rainmaker Unit during May 2011 and within only 3 months we noticed an increase in flower size, stem thickness and number of petals, as well as number of stems. Upon removing the plants from their pots, one could observe improved root growth, with new root development on old plants – This in midwinter!”


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